Wired Planet is a new music firm offering higher-quality music production. Serving major label and independent clients, Wired Planet showcases award-winning musicianship & cutting edge technology to deliver impressive new music in all styles. Serving publishers, agents and clients in TV, film, radio, corporate presentation & commercial advertising, Wired Planet offers a remarkable music catalog and stunning array of music production styles.

Wired Planet is a music company that combines cutting edge superiorly-crafted music production and award-winning composition to deliver impressive new music in all styles. Serving major label and independent clients, Wired Planet harnesses new music technology and skillful musicianship, showcasing a remarkable music catalog in a wide array of styles. Wired Planet works with agents, publishers, and clients in TV, film and radio, in-house corporate presentation & commercial advertising, as well as major label and independent artists.

Wired Planet’s award-winning team of songwriters, composers, and producers mix advanced music techniques and cutting edge technology to create commercially viable music, exciting new sounds and lush production. Wired Planet boasts an impressive client list.

Film, TV & Radio
Wired Planet provides music for feature, theme, title, & background spots, as well as station IDs. Wired Planet works with agents, supervisors & publishers providing music to syndicated, commercial & alternative radio, film & TV clients. Media clients include ABC, NBC, CBS, Apple, KDMX Dallas, Thompson Creative, Revlon Cosmetics, Paramount Pictures, Raging Nations Films & Fearless Music. Wired Planet has a large catalog of music. The music here is just a small sample.

Wired Planet offers a large catalog of ready-to-go music in many unique styles for licensing & placement to TV, radio, film, corporate in-house presentation, charity organizations, etc. Wired Planet works with agents, publishers and individual clients to place feature, theme, title, and background music.


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